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Sure bets Australia are a real thing! If you are new to the sports arbitrage trading world and are an Australian please read on for important information.

What is a Sure Bet?

A sure bet is another name for an arbitrage opportunity. If we re-touch on the definition-

 “Sports arbitrage is the act of placing bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event so that you guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of that event.”

Or in other words a sure bet meaning there is no way you can lose money. By placing bets on sporting events on different bookmakers at different odds you can make some serious cash. If you were to place bets within the same bookmaker this would result in a % loss. This is the bookmakers margin and how they make a profit.

Where to begin?

A comprehensive guide on how to arbitrage or sure bet is available at no charge on our website. We recommend beginning at the start and reading through every single step before starting your trading journey. Everything we believe you need is there.

Sure Bet/Arbitrage Mathematics

You do not need to be a mathematician to profit from sure bets, nor do  you need to mentally calculate opportunities. Although over time mentally knowing figures will increase your speed significantly. Outlined below is the mathematics behind sure bets and how arbitrage opportunities actually come about. This example is taken from our lesson 202 in how to arbitrage- Arbitrage Mathematics.

An arbitrage opportunity exists when the sum of the inverse of the odds for all bets on an event are less than 1.

Take this Tennis game for example:

  • Australian Open final: Murray versus Djokovic
  • Bet365 offers $2.15 for Murray to win
  • William Hill offers $2.05 for Djokovic to win

Arbitrage calculation:
= ( 1 / 2.15 ) + ( 1 / 2.05 )

=     0.953

With a result less than 1 this is an opportunity from which you can profit. How much can you profit? Well that changes with how much below 1 the result is. In the example above it would be 4.7% (1 – 0.953). With results greater than 1 then the odds offered will not produce a profitable arb and you should move onto the next opportunity.

If that was overwhelming PLEASE remember you do not need to calculate these figures yourself, arb finding alert services will do it all for you!

Expressing sure bet/arbitrage percentages

If you are using an arbitrage finding alert service you will see opportunities expressed as percent. There are two different ways commonly used to display arbs:

Approach 1: The most widespread way to display an arbitrage percentage is like “4.7%”. using the previous example, 4.7% is a profitable trade and the return on investment to be roughly “4.7%”.

If there is an arbitrage opportunity but it is not profitable then the percentage is displayed as “-1.9%” meaning you would lose 1.9% if you were to trade it.

This approach is the most common and is how arbitrage opportunities are displayed across alert finding services. In particular, our preferred alert service, BetOnValue.

Approach 2: The less common but still correct way of displaying sure bets is by expressing the mathematical calculation. Using the example above it would display as “0.953” or “95.3%” which is still profitable as it is less than 1 or 100%. In this approach if it were not profitable it would be greater than 1 or 100% – “1.019” or “101.9%”.

Sure Bet Calculators

Also known as Sports Arbitrage Calculators. We mentioned earlier that sure bets/arbitrage opportunities are all calculated for you through alert finding software so you don’t need to manually calculate it. This was just to show the mathematics behind sure bet trades and showing how you can make profits. All alert services do this work for you, showing the bet to place, how much to place and the expected profit. This is why subscribing to a good quality alert service is critical.

Bottom Line

Sure bets are a guaranteed way to make money from sporting events. By placing bets on the same game but over different bookmakers at different odds you are going to profit. We covered the mathematics behind these opportunities, however, it is not necessary to know this. Arbitrage alert finding services do all the hard work for you.

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