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Sports traders are an almost elusive bunch but we have managed to chat to a few very successful traders. We have 2 traders who we got in contact with through the arbitrage trading forum spartrapro. Chai123Tea and Tyler were more than happy to answer a few questions we had for them.

How did you find arbitrage trading?

Chai123Tea: I began my sports trading journey in September 2016. It all started with a friend who was making quite a lot of profit from it. After that I began to research more and more. I read every lesson in how to arbitrage  front to back and back to front. I have always been weary of gambling sites and generally stay away from that kind of thing but nevertheless I was very interested. Through my friend I managed to get in contact with a professional trader who was willing to teach me for a cut of my profits. Deal. Next thing I’ve booked tickets halfway around the world to give it a solid go! After a very successful 6months I’m totally addicted and hope to sustain this job!

Tyler: I’ve been Trading for a little over 2 years now part time. Starting with bonus roll overs I then realised a bet could be placed on both sides and I could withdraw the money. I never trusted any of the sites promoting Sports Arbitrage Trading… One day I randomly met a full time sports trader who was making a very good living from live sports trading. After watching him trade for a few days I started myself.

How many hours do you trade?

Chai123Tea: I actually recorded how many hours I ‘worked’ for over a month so I could calculate my hourly rate. During the slower time of the season I traded 64hrs. Which is actually less than a part time job. For anyone interested my hourly rate was €50/hr. Not bad considering the season was slowing. This year I will record my hours during the peak months.

Tyler: I still only trade part time and generally I follow big sporting events. I stick to mostly basketball but I have also made a fair bit from volleyball, handball and rugby. I would say I spend roughly 40hrs a month trading.

What are your profits?

Chai123Tea: I am still relatively new to the trading scene but I am really happen with my first season! My best month was December with a profit of €6,500, in total I would say I made €20,000.

Tyler: I’ve been making 5 figures a year from sports trading, but would love to make a 6 figure year! My first season I made over €30,000.

Preferred Arbitrage alert service?

Chai123Tea: For me I prefer BetBurger. I have tried Rebel Betting and it was really good but they don’t offer live, in-play action which is where I make most of my profits. You can read through the Arb Alert Finding Services lesson if you are unsure.

Tyler: BetBurger all the way. I live trade so this is by far the best service for in play opportunities.

Tips for beginners

Chai123Tea: If you can, find someone who has done it before and can show you the ropes. Start with small bets and slowly work your way up when you have the confidence. Invest in a good set up- I have a laptop but run 2 screens an external keyboard and mouse. Smooth workflow for optimal efficiency!

Tyler: Trade well, make sure you execute your bets well, double check calculations and be happy with your work. Learn from your mistakes.


We hope you found a bit of inspiration for your own arbitrage trading journey from Chai123Tea and Tyler. For anyone wanting to connect with them, head over to SpartraPro and sign up.

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  • Paul says:

    How much a month is Betburger? Does it include Australia bookmakers?

    April 30, 2018 at 9:15 pm
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