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RebelBetting Review

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We have been getting a lot of messages asking for an up to date RebelBetting review that is specifically tailored to Australian sports arbitrage traders. So we did some research, downloaded their software, did some trades, made some money and here is the RebelBetting Review 2017!

Who are RebelBetting?

RebelBetting logoRebelBetting was established in Sweden in 2007 as Clarobet. Since then it has grown into one of the top alert services in the arbitrage trading world with users in over 120 countries.



What you’ll need to succeed with RebelBetting

An understanding of the arbitrage process and an eagerness to learn. Be sure to read through the lessons in Sports Arbitrage as outlined in our How To Arbitrage section.

How RebelBetting works

RebelBetting servers collect odds and data from online bookmakers. From this data they calculate basic arbitrage opportunities which are relayed through installed software on your computer. If you are unsure of how arbitrage opportunities are calculated, please refer to our lesson on Arbitrage Mathematics.

Services & features

RebelBetting offers arbitrage trading opportunities or ‘surebets’ for pre-game sporting events. Rather than running in a web browser like other alert services, RebelBetting have a downloadable software program to run on your computer. In addition, upon signing up you will receive an e-book from RebelBetting explaining how to use the software and more lessons in arbitrage. Upon signing in to the software it will look like the image below:

RebelBetting software screenshot

Explore the Options and Arb details. It is very easy to read and understand, the main part is broken into middles and arbs. Once you find the arbitrage opportunity click the plus arrow to see which bookmakers it will be between. RebelBetting also include an arbitrage calculator. By using this you are able to calculate the size of bets needed to be placed on either side and the profit margin.

Bookmakers offered

RebelBetting currently offer 75 bookmakers, most being international. However, there are a lot of Australian ones too. From time to time they will add more bookmakers so this may change in the future.

Australian bookmakers on offer

Bet365, Betfair, Ladbrokes, Pinnacle, SportsbetAU, TabAU, WilliamhillAU, Unibet. Although the other 67 bookmakers offered are international/European we believe that Australians are still able to use some of these bookmakers. With the current Australian sportsbooks, it is definitely still possible to make a decent profit. By filtering through the bookmakers you can uncheck the bookmakers you do not wish to use.

As illustrated in the image below one column says E for Enabled and the other R for required. If for example you want Betfair to be in every arbitrage opportunity, then select the R checked box.

RebelBetting Bookmakers

Sports offered and markets to bet on

RebelBetting support the following sports markets:

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Am Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball

As per the image below, you are able to check and uncheck the sports which you do not want to show up in arbitrage opportunities.

RebelBetting sports list

RebelBetting offer 7 lines to bet on. These include the Moneyline, 3-way, Asian Handicap, Double Chance, European Handicap, Over/Under and Cross Market. There is also the option to filter out the lines you do not want to show up by checking and unchecking the boxes as per the image above.

Software – layout & interface

RebelBetting software can only be run on windows. If you are running a Mac Operating System you will need to either download a virtual computer or run Bootcamp on your mac. RebelBetting recommend 3 virtual computer programs, 2 being a paid service and 1 free. We have trialed the free service and had no issues with it.

Once you have the software downloaded it is extremely easy to use. The interface is simple and holds all the information you need about the arbitrage opportunities. By clicking the plus sign next to the arb size it will show the bookmakers offering the arb.

RebelBetting Layout Screenshot

Here we can see an arb for the moneyline on a tennis match. The software also shows the age of the arb. Although this is not very old there are arbs which present themselves and stay for hours. This is reassuring as the bookmaker odds are available for a very long time.

The stability of an arb that is older could be because an event is a few days away. On one hand the length of time your funds are tied up in is quite a long time but on the other it is a guaranteed profit. If you have a big bankroll this shouldn’t be an issue. The reliability is high and there are no warnings.

We can then use the calculator to work out the stakes for the guaranteed profit. The stakes will auto adjust for the amount you put in. As this is only a 2.1% arb high stakes will need to be placed in order to get a decent return. If we placed $120 in William Hill on C. Carli to win at $1.67 and $76 on A Vavassori to win in Bet365 at $2.63 we have to potential to win $4.40 or $3.50.

RebelBetting Calculator Screenshot

Palpable error – A common warning in RebelBetting

RebelBetting explain all the potential errors on the website. It is important to check over the information before placing bets and to take into consideration any warnings they suggest. In saying this, the most common warning we noted was Palpable Error. In short this means the bookmakers can cancel your bet. A bookmaker can cancel (void) your bet, claiming it was a “palpable error” this can occur when a bookmaker has made “an obvious mistake”.

For example, they have the odds of a match reversed or any kind of accidental error made while quoting the odds. While every bookmaker can cancel a bet it is rare although it does happen. It is important to pay attention to the warnings that present themselves for each arbitrage opportunity and to assess the risk before placing big stakes. 


If you are looking to filter your arbitrage opportunities, by selecting Options you are able to tailor the software to show only the information you want to see.

RebelBetting Options Screenshot

The alerts can be tailored as well. If you leave your computer and the software running through the day the sounds will alert you to arbs. You can match a sound to the size of the arbitrage opportunity (We found this to be a really cool feature).

RebelBetting Sound Tab

Under the user tab you can change the display currency, time zone and default total stake as per below:

RebelBetting Timezone Option Tab

Features unique to RebelBetting Software

With arbitrage software the hardest part is finding the game, line and placing the bet before the odds change. RebelBetting offer an Auto Login and Auto Surf option which through the software logs you into the bookmaker and takes you to the bet. All you need to do it enter in the amount and place the bet.

If you are more comfortable finding the line yourself in the bookmakers, then of course you can do that. However, the auto log in and auto surf speeds up the process and allows you place bets much faster than the other alert services on offer. This feature is unique to RebelBetting and really makes it stand out from other competition in terms of usability.

If an arb comes up and you want to trade it, click ‘Bet’ (the blue circle with white arrow in the top left corner). Below is what the interface looks like once you click bet.

RebelBetting Bet Example

The browser window will open and re-direct you to the event on the bookmakers’ pages. If you are using the “auto login” feature, the software also features “auto surf” which will select the actual bet for you. All that is left is for you to do is enter in the amount and place the bets.

 Customer Support

RebelBetting offer a fantastic customer support service. On the website they offer a guided tour, videos, frequently asked questions, software manual and account options. If you are unable to find answers through there they also offer a chat option, with reply time varying. In addition to this they also offer a free e-book about Sports Arbitrage Trading as well as using the software. Also, they offer an excel spreadsheet to log your trades (super important and useful!).


 Rebelbetting offer 4 different subscription prices for access to their software:

1 week 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
€39 €129/month


If you are a complete beginner to arbitrage trading, we highly recommend using this software. With the week trial priced at €39, we believe this would provide the user a great insight into what this software can do for you. After a week you will more than cover the cost of the service and have a good understanding of what you can do with pre-game arbing and an alert service like RebelBetting.


The ease of using the software and display of information makes RebelBetting one of the best alert services out there. Along with this there are many extra features that make the software stand out above the rest. The filters allow you to control what arbitrage opportunities you see, for example if you only want to bet on handicaps for soccer games then it’s possible to show only this information.

Additional information such as arb age, time left to place bets and any warnings is fantastic for pre-game arbing as well. The calculator is also a great feature as well as choosing different alert sounds for different arbitrage opportunities. Above all these and unique to RebelBetting is the auto surf and auto login option, saving you valuable time when it comes to placing bets.


The only real disadvantage is that they do not offer in play arbitrage opportunities. However, for Australians, due to government restrictions this is not an issue (with Australian Bookmakers) as in game gambling on sports is impossible.


Overall we highly recommend RebelBetting for pre-game arbitrage trading. The software is extremely user friendly and displays all the information you need to make arbitrage trades. We believe that by using this software, beginners and professional traders alike stand to make serious profits from bookmakers. 

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