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ARB401: Going global – arbing offshore sports bookmakers

Our website and service is predominately Australian-focussed. However, as explained previously, an Australian-only arbitrage experience is not a viable long-term career because all Australian bookmakers will drop your betting limits to unworkable amounts in time.

The next few lessons provide brief introductions into the paths you can take to either: a) grow your arbitrage profit potential to a much higher amount; or b) continue profiting from sports arbitrage after you are limited by Australian sports bookmakers.

Offshore bookmakers

This lesson focuses on the most obvious path to take – expanding your arbing to sports bookmakers outside of Australia.

To give you some idea of scope:

  • there are less than 10 usable Australian bookmakers; but
  • there are 140+ reliable and reputable offshore bookmakers and new ones are being added all the time.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the potential profit from arbing offshore bookmakers is HUGE.

So why doesn’t Sports Arbitrage Australia promote arbitrage with offshore bookmakers?

Greater risk

There are inherit benefits when dealing with a bookmaker that is licenced in Australia (and accordingly regulated by the Australian government), the most important being security of funds and personal information. This additional layer of security is not always applicable to offshore bookmakers and thus there are additional risks involved with going offshore.

The arbitrage methods and betting techniques are identical whether you go offshore or not, but there are additional steps involved before you deposit money with, or take a bonus bet offer from, an offshore bookmaker to ensure that you are sending your funds to a reputable company.

If you do happen to send funds to a disreputable offshore bookmaker then the worst case scenario is that they take your money and run.

Additional steps required when dealing with an offshore bookmaker

The next three lessons describe the additional issues that need to be addressed when arbing offshore, and the additional steps involved to ensure your security.