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ARB309: Shared player databases

As you no doubt appreciate, bookmakers regularly share news and information with each other in relation to their industry. This is to be expected.

However, what you may not appreciate is that there is strong evidence to suggest that bookmakers are sharing personal information regarding their players with other unrelated bookmakers. If this is occurring then it is illegal and immoral.

As an arber, what you need to understand is how to react to the possibility that your information is being shared among bookmakers. As we will describe below, there are two streams of information sharing: a) within the same ownership group of companies; and b) between unrelated bookmakers.

The reason being, once you are flagged as an arber and subsequently limited with one bookmaker it appears you can be quickly limited by other bookmakers.

  1. Shared player databases within the same ownership group

It is common for more than one bookmaker to be owned by the same group. This allows for economies of scale in relation to their required bankrolls and also reduces the risk of unbalanced books.

From a punter’s point of view, you can setup a player account (and secure the sign-up bonus) at each bookmaker, but the sports/leagues/lines provided and the odds offered are entirely the same.

Unfortunately, what is also the same is the betting limits of players that are registered with both bookmakers within the same ownership group. For example, if you have registered with Betsafe and also with Betsson then your betting limits will be shared across the two bookmakers – as soon as one is restricted then so will be the other.

Arbers need to be aware of this and be able to take full advantage – registrations at bookmakers within the same ownership group should be made concurrently where possible, and sign-up bonuses fully utilised and conditions met before limitation arrives.

For example, let’s assume you have registered at Betsafe, claimed the sign-up bonus, played through the conditions of the bonus, and then subsequently get limited as a result of your arbing activities; should you now try to claim the sign-up bonus at Betsson (same parent company) you will notice your betting limits are immediately reduced and too low to be able to meet the conditions of the bonus bet – thus rendering the bonus bet useless.

Many offshore bookmakers are interrelated in much the same way so before registering with any bookmaker please do your research carefully.

  1. Shared player databases across unrelated bookmakers

Recently a bookmaker representative has made allegations that a secret database of punters exists and is run by a third-party payment processor. This secret database is allegedly shared among unrelated bookmakers in an attempt to identify undesirable players (i.e. arbers, winners, and professional punters).

The alleged database is purported to contain personal identifying information on each undesirable player, including:

  • names;
  • contact information (email and postal addresses, phone numbers);
  • IP addresses; and
  • browser fingerprint data (used to uniquely identify computers);

So far there is no real evidence that such a database exists, but it would not be surprising to hear of one in the future (as they have existed in the past).

While there is nothing that an arber can do about this, and there is no way of knowing if bookmakers have obtained your personal identifying information, an arber should be aware of this information and adjust their arbing techniques and methods in order to delay bookmaker limitations as long as possible. Refer to our lessons on arbing for multiple users (found in the in the post-arbitrage section of this website) for more information.