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ARB308: Multiple monitors

Please note: having a multiple monitor setup is by no means a pre-requisite for arbing, however it can make the arbing process much easier and efficient.

Consider the following:

When an arb-finding alert service notifies you of an arb and you are getting ready to place the bets you would usually open up each of the bookmaker’s betting pages in a new tab/window, separate from the alert service. This means you will have three internet tabs/windows open now – your alert service, bookmaker 1 and bookmaker 2.

Next, you need to triple-check that the details per your alert service agree to those on the bookmaker websites. You will check that you have the right sports, the right leagues, the right teams, the right lines (for example 1X2, Asian handicap, over/under), and that the arb covers all possible outcomes of the match.

You will then look for the maximum betting limits at each bookmaker, input these into the alert service calculator to obtain the optimal bets you should place, and then submit those betting stakes at each bookmaker. Lastly, you confirm the bets at each bookmaker.

In case you haven’t worked it out there is A LOT of window switching happening when you are executing an arb, and you quickly learn that using the “Alt + Tab” shortcut saves enormous amounts of time.

However, there is a far more efficient and effective solution to the constant window switching – using multiple monitors.

How many monitors do I need?

In truth, you only NEED one monitor. When we started arbing we only used one, but over time we have accumulated additional monitors and now Sports Arbitrage Australia run three monitors side-by-side and it is very effective.

We believe three monitors is the most an arber would want on the basis that most arbs involve just two bookmakers, plus having the alert service visible at all times is beneficial.

Advantages of multiple monitors

There are two main advantages of arbing with multiple monitors:

  1. increased speed of betting – as you can see from the above, there is a considerable amount of window switching involved when arbing with a single monitor. Every time you switch windows you are using up valuable seconds which increases the risk of odds moving against you before placing the bets; and
  2. reduced risk of mistakes – by having both bookmaker websites plus the alert service open and visible at all times means you can perform triple-checks with ease. The chances of you making a mistake are reduced because you are not relying on your memory as much.

Is it expensive? Do I need a new computer to handle multiple monitors?

No, it is not expensive or hard to setup. We have bought used monitors online for under $10, were gifted some from friends that were upgrading, and even picked one up from the curb on a council clean-up day.

The biggest expense for us was purchasing a video card (bought online for $45) that could cope with multiple monitors because our primitive desktop computer was unable to do so. However, if you have a laptop or more modern desktop computer then you may already have the capability to operate with multiple monitors.

Put it this way, if you are serious about sports arbitrage then the small cost of additional hardware will be far outweighed by the increase in potential profit because you are transacting faster, betting at higher odds, and making less mistakes.