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ARB301: What is the best time for arbing in Australia?

Please note: Sports Arbitrage Australia is based in Sydney so any reference to times or time zones is a reference to EST/EDT (depending on daylight savings). If you are located elsewhere in Australia then you should adjust your times accordingly.

Almost all of the arbers we have guided through the arbitrage experience have had full-time jobs, and could therefore only perform arbing on a part-time basis. If, for example, you plan on being ‘available to arb’ for just a few hours per day, three days per week then you need to know exactly what hours you should be dedicating in order to maximise your income potential.

What does ‘available to arb’ mean?

First, you should understand what arbing generally involves. As discussed previously, being ‘available to arb’ does not mean staring at a computer screen constantly, instead it means having an alert service running on a computer nearby and being available to drop everything and trade an arb when the alert service beeps at you.

The act of trading each arb actually takes under 5 minutes. After you have executed an arb you can put the computer down and get back to whatever you were doing beforehand, waiting for that next beep.

Best time for arbing on a given day

The best time to be ‘available to arb’ is when the largest volume of arbitrage opportunities exist.

In a previous lesson we explained why arbitrage opportunities occur, and identified the main creator of arbs to be large bets being placed at single bookmakers. Usually, the largest bets are placed less than two hours before a sporting event starts, therefore the biggest volume of arbs will occur in these two hours.

Further, the largest bets are placed on major European or North American sports, because the betting market is worldwide, and European/North American sports are played in the late hours/early morning in Australian time zones.

From our experience, we recommend that Australian arbers who want to be alerted to the largest number of arbitrage opportunities should be ‘available to arb’ from 9pm to 1am on any given day.

Best days for arbing

Major sporting events are normally scheduled on weekends, and the biggest events attract the biggest bets. Therefore, the best days for arbing are Saturday and Sunday (nights).

However, many arbitrage opportunities arise in global competitions, such as the Olympics or Wimbledon, and therefore the arbitrage opportunities can exist on weekdays too.

From our experience, we recommend that Australian arbers who want to be alerted to the largest number of arbitrage opportunities should be ‘available to arb’ at night from Thursday to Sunday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday if possible.

Summary of ideal hours for Australian arbers to be ‘available to arb’

  • Monday (slow/low volume matches – rather get a good night’s sleep)
  • Tuesday 10pm – 11pm
  • Wednesday 10pm – 11pm
  • Thursday 9pm – midnight
  • Friday 9pm – 1am
  • Saturday 8pm – 2am
  • Sunday 8pm – 2am

If I can’t make these times should I bother?

Above are the ideal hours for Australian arbers to be ‘available to arb’, but this doesn’t mean you can’t arb at other times.

Sports are being played in every hour of every day somewhere in the world, and as long as people are placing bets on those sports then arbitrage opportunities will appear. However, your maximum profit potential will be restricted if you are arbing on Lithuanian handball instead of the English Premier League where high betting limits exist.