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ARB207: How many bookmakers to target simultaneously

There are numerous strategies for the timing of opening, depositing into, and then betting through, bookmaker accounts. Each strategy has its own pros and cons, however Sports Arbitrage Australia has found the following strategy to be the most effective at delaying bookmaker limitation.

The premise

If you were to put no thought into bookmaker registration and account funding then you might open accounts with all Australian bookmakers and Pinnacle Sports straight away then deposit your bankroll evenly across the bookmakers. This would be very unwise.

Splitting your bankroll across a large number of bookmakers evenly is a bad idea because you will not be hitting the maximum limit of bets you are placing – resulting in lower potential profits. Remember, your soft bookmaker accounts will be limited in the same timeframe whether you make bets of $5 or $5,000. Theoretically, you should be betting the absolute maximum possible on each and every arb, and with some bookmakers the betting limits can be $5,000+ on both sides.

The execution

Sports Arbitrage Australia recommends opening accounts with Pinnacle Sports, Betfair and Matchbook and depositing 50% of your bankroll there (Pinnacle Sports will be involved in almost every arb you come across), then opening accounts at 1 or 2 Australian bookmakers (of your choice) and gradually depositing the remaining 50% of your bankroll with them.

Good quality alert services have the ability to filter arbs based on selected bookmakers, thus removing the clutter and only alerting you to arbs with your chosen bookmakers. Turn on this filter for bookmakers with which you have funded accounts.

As you start trading, make sure you bet as much as possible on each arb in order to maximise profits. In time, the Australian bookmakers will limit your accounts (as do all soft bookmakers) and as this happens you should withdraw your money and find another bookmaker to move the funds into. If your bankroll increases to a stage where you can fund more than 2 bookmakers while still betting the maximum limits, then go ahead.

Taking it a step further

A strategy that Sports Arbitrage Australia implemented last year and to date has proven successful in delaying soft bookmaker limitation is described below.

To date, all soft bookmaker accounts that were pre-emptively earmarked for this strategy have not been limited. For example, the betting limits of one member’s account have not been reduced in 10 months.

The strategy is called “one sport; one league”. That is, restricting all bets placed with any one bookmaker to a single sport and a single league within that sport. The member’s account that not been limited in 10 months ONLY bets on Major League Baseball.

This is not the goose with the golden egg, though. There are disadvantages of such a strategy, including:

  • the number of arbs that exist with such constricted requirements is much less, rarely more than one a day (compared to hundreds of regular arbs per day);
  • the additional self-control and patience required when an alert service is showing you hundreds of profitable arbs that you are ‘missing out’ on;
  • if the majority of your winning bets is with this bookmaker bets then this account can still be limited for being a ‘winner’; and
  • we expect that at some stage the soft bookmakers will catch on and limit the accounts, it just hasn’t happened yet so we don’t know what timeframe that is.

Although there isn’t enough data available to comprehensively recommend this strategy, we expect that it will result in greater profits in total from your arbitrage experience. It certainly will increase the length of your arbitrage experience (from a few months to more than one year), however you will be making less profit per month during your experience.

If you feel you would like to implement the strategy of “one sport; one league” per bookmaker then please let Sports Arbitrage Australia know how successful it is for you.