Introduction to sports arbitrage

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ARB105: What size bankroll should I start arbing with?

In the preliminary ‘paper-trading’ stage there is absolutely no cost and no bankroll required. You can read our lessons for free, familiarise yourself with arb-finding alert services for free, register at bookmakers for free and paper-trade any arbs you discover. In fact, sports arbitrage can be evaluated thoroughly at absolutely no cost. If you decide to start ‘real money’ arbing, then you can deposit money with bookmakers to the level you feel comfortable with and get going.

When you start ‘real money’ arbing there is no minimum bankroll that you need, but the more you start with the larger the profits you will generate. Most arbers have a sports arbitrage experience of just a few months before being limited by soft bookmakers (limiting will come whether you start with a large or small bankroll), so the bigger the bankroll you can start with the better.

In order to maximise profits Sports Arbitrage Australia recommends starting with a bankroll of $5,000 or more, plus reading our lessons, advice, strategies and tips before getting started.

If you start ‘real money’ arbing with a bankroll of less than $5,000, you can still make thousands of dollars profit, but you may encounter additional difficulties which compound on each other to limit your potential profit, including:

  • not maxing out your betting limits while they are still at their highest;
  • no-arb days while you are shifting funds from winning bookmakers to losing bookmakers;
  • the cost of a good quality arb-finding alert service ($200+ per month) can eat into smaller profits (generated from smaller bankrolls), and your profit potential from using free arb-finding alert services is much lower; and
  • lower visible profits per arb can curb your enthusiasm.