Introduction to sports arbitrage

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ARB104: Work from home? Longevity discussed

We’ve all heard of work from home ‘opportunities’ before, promising ongoing income for relatively little work. Sports Arbitrage Australia does not make such promises, the truth is most sports arbitrage experiences (as profitable as they are) are short-lived and only a small percentage of arbers continue after a few months. This is because motivation diminishes as soft bookmakers limit, and unable to sustain easy profits most arbers disappear from the scene.

The good news is that you don’t need to decide upfront if you want to make arbing your career. You can start off getting the easy money in the short-term (as we advocate) and then determine later on if full-time arbing is for you. If at any time you decide that you no longer want to continue, you simply withdraw your funds and call it a day – you will be financially ahead.

Below we discuss the first two months (the easy profits), and longer-term possibilities:

Short-term gain

The Sports Arbitrage Australia website (including our lessons, strategies, tips and members help-desk) is dedicated to this phase of the arbing experience. Most arbers will finish their arbing at the end of this phase, happily walking away with thousands of dollars in profit.

A substantial profit can be made in the first few months with sports arbitrage in Australia. $30,000 or more is possible. We made $21,000 in 8 weeks. Each arbers profit will vary depending on many factors, the most important being KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Please read and understand these lessons in full before undertaking any arbitrage to ensure your profits are maximised.

In the first phase of arbing you can’t believe how easy it can be to make such a large amount of money, and you hope it will last forever- life is great. The reason such large profits can be made early on is because:

  • arbs are everywhere, with every bookmaker;
  • arbs frequently return more than 3%, and seemingly last for hours;
  • your betting limits are incredibly high (often thousands of dollars) on every sporting code and league you can find;
  • profits from arbs can be rolled into additional arbs multiple times per day; and
  • bookmakers offer you hundreds of dollars in bonus bets which you can leverage to increase your bankroll

Inevitably though, after a few months the soft bookmakers begin limiting you, no bonuses are given to you, and the going gets tough. Arbs become harder to find, aren’t worth as much, disappear faster, and your new tiny limits curb profits substantially. The easy, early phase is over.

Long-term slog

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It is possible for a long-term, full-time arber to make $5,000 – $10,000 profit each month, but it’s hard work and long hours. It doesn’t come easy like the first few months. In order to transition arbing into a full-time career, arbers need to adapt, strategies need to evolve and systems need to become more advanced.

There are various ways to make long-term arbing a viable prospect, and these are briefly discussed in the lessons in the “post-arbitrage advice” section of this website. However, that is not the primary focus of our website because only a small number of arbers will continue past the early phase – only 1,000 full-time arbers are estimated to exist worldwide.