How to Arbitrage

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Lessons, advice, advanced strategies and tips

Below is a list of lessons and guides to take you from a novice punter to an expert arber as quickly as possible. We recommend that you read all articles, and have a basic comprehension of all concepts before beginning your arbitrage activities, in order to maximise the profit you will make. Not knowing what you are doing is the quickest way to get yourself limited by the bookmakers, and this will restrict your profit considerably.

Shortly after making your first arbs, we recommend you re-read these lessons and guides in full. After you become an experienced arber, we recommend skimming over these lessons and guides again – especially the advanced lessons and strategies. It takes time but is well worth it.

Introduction to sports arbitrage

ARB101: Glossary of sports arbitrage terminology

ARB102: What is sports arbitrage?

ARB103: Why do arbs occur?

ARB104: Work from home? Longevity discussed

ARB105: What size bankroll should I start arbing with?

ARB106: Is sports arbitrage risk free?

ARB107: Should I arb? Will I be successful?

Beginners arbitrage lessons

ARB201: Quick overview of arbing, and the first steps

ARB202: Fundamental mathematics of arbitrage

ARB203: Real-life sports arbitrage examples

ARB204: Sharp and soft bookmakers – what’s the difference?

ARB205: Eliminating or mitigating the 5 risks of sports arbitrage

ARB206: Betting lines, types and markets

ARB207: How many bookmakers to target simultaneously?

ARB208: Security measures to take when arbing

ARB209: Setting up an eWallet

ARB210: Arb-finding alert services

ARB211: Setting up and funding bookmaker accounts

ARB212: Bookmaker account verification

ARB213: Placing an arb

ARB214: What to do when things go wrong

ARB215: Bonus scalping

ARB216: Mismatched payout rules – tennis

ARB217: Mismatched payout rules – baseball

ARB218: Mismatched payout rules – ice hockey

ARB219: Mismatched payout rules – basketball

Advanced lessons and strategies

ARB301: What is the best time for arbing in Australia?

ARB302: Pay extra attention when betting in the five minutes leading up to an event

ARB303: Delaying soft bookmaker limits

ARB304: Asian handicaps

ARB305: Middles

ARB306: Arbitrage across mismatched payout rules – an advanced strategy

ARB307: Palpable errors

ARB308: Multiple monitors

ARB309: Shared player databases

Post Arbitrage advice

ARB401: Going global – arbing offshore sports bookmakers

ARB402: Going global – offshore bookmaker investigation

ARB403: Going global – using one major currency

ARB404: Going global – troubleshooting problems

ARB410: Friends and family – multiple accounts

ARB411: Friends and family – arbing from the same computer

ARB412: Friends and family – Virtual Machines

ARB430: Programming – building your own software

ARB499: Further reading