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How much profit can I make?

A substantial profit can be made in a few short months with sports arbitrage in Australia. $30,000 or more is possible short term and full time traders can make over $100,000 a year. We made $21,000 in 8 weeks and we work with full time traders who make over $100,000 per year  Each arbers profit will vary depending on many factors, the most important being KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Hence the need for our website. Read through our lessons, advice, strategies and tips, then get started!

Are profits from sports arbitrage tax free in Australia?

The answer to this question is not black and white, and will depend largely on your circumstances. For many arbers, profits are completely tax free – but please talk to your accountant or financial adviser for a definitive answer.

What size bankroll should I start with?

There is no minimum bankroll that you need, but the more you start with the larger the profits you will generate. Most casual arbers have a sports arbitrage experience of just a few months before being limited by bookmakers (limiting will come whether you start with a large or small bankroll), so the bigger the bankroll you can start with the better. If you want to maximise your profits then we recommend starting with a bankroll of $10,000 or more, and reading our lessons, advice, strategies and tips before getting started.

Why does your website exist? What’s in it for you?

Sports Arbitrage Australia is a completely free website and we do not charge for access to our lessons. We cover the costs of this website through referral income earned through our banners. If you wish to support us please register your Pinnacle, Betfair, Matchbook, BetOnValue and Skrill accounts using our banners.

How many people trade sports arbitrage?

This is not an easy question to answer because arbers mostly keep their activities to themselves. Best estimates indicate that globally there are over 1,000 full-time professional arbers and numerous more casual/part-time arbers. In Australia there would be considerably less – that is why there is such a good opportunity for Australians to take up arbing. Just the Bonuses available to new depositors alone can be a lot. Currently there is well over $3000 in sign up bonuses available for Australia. For the latest list of Bonus we suggest you check out Best Bookie Bonus.

How long does the an arb last and is it easy to execute?

There is no definitive lifespan of an arb. Arbs are favourable differences in bookmakers odds, and bookmakers change their odds frequently. Further, alert services need to obtain odds, identify opportunities, and then alert you to the arb. This all means that the time from you being alerted to an arb opportunity until the time the odds change and the opportunity disappears is impossible to quantify. The majority of arbs, though, last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Most arbs disappear after this. While this sounds like a very small window, it is ample time to execute an arb if performed efficiently and competently.

Which bookmakers should I start with?

Refer our lesson on bookmakers. Please bear in mind that we are focused on sports arbitrage in Australia and therefore only trade with Australian bookmakers (except Pinnacle Sports, Betfair and Matchbook of course). Australian bookmakers are far more reliable and trustworthy than offshore bookmakers due to government regulation here. If you are looking to trade sports arbitrage globally then you should widen your research to include all bookmakers.

Which alert service is best?

Refer our lesson on alert services. Please bear in mind that we are focussed on sports arbitrage in Australia and therefore only discuss services which cover Australian bookmakers. If you are looking to trade sports arbitrage globally then you should widen your research to include all alert services.

Is sports arbitrage legal in Australia?

Yes, sports arbitrage is 100% legal in Australia, and in every country that permits online gambling. The only major country that does not allow online gambling is the United States.