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BetOnValue is an arbitrage alert service that notifies the user of opportunities as they present. BetOnValue is one of the best arbitrage alert services on the market. They offer a large selection of SureBets online, which in our eyes means lots of profit. They also offer and highlight the best possible odds frim 100 + bookmakers and betting exchanges.

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Why BetOnValue?

BetOnValue is a very user friendly website that has many great features. Listed below are some of the key features we like about the service:

  • Sure Bets Page – The page has been designed in the best way possible for the user to see arbitrage opportunities. It is very easy to navigate and there are many filters that can be adjusted to show markets or events that you are specifically interested in.
  • Odds Comparison – The website offers and highlights betting opportunities across many sports and events. They show the best odds with the bookmaker along with the betting type on the market.
  • Accounting System – This is quite a useful tool. While we recommend keeping track of your bets in an excel spreadsheet BetOnValue also has an accounting system integrated. Fantastic for those who aren’t the best at keeping track of things.
  • Sports Arbitrage Calculator – Like almost every alert service BetOnValue also has a surebet calculator. Always a good feature though!
  • Odds History – A unique feature that is quite interesting. In addition to the arbitrage calculator, users can also see the history of odds and their evolution across events.

The user has the ability to show the odds for a certain event. You can then choose the market, period, parameter (spread in AH or goals in OU), the bookmaker (or maximum or average) and the outcomes to display (such as over, under or both). They can also adjust the time range to include in the graph.

The surebets filter is also great for choosing only events or specific details that you are interested in. The filter section pops up on the left hand side and the user can filter by:

  • Specific Bookmakers
  • Include (or don’t) lay odds
  • option to have sound alerts
  • Max. Return
  • Time frame settled in
  • Sport
  • Bet type

Subscription Options

So you are convinced that BetOnValue is for you? Take a look at the subscription options and sign up. They offer a free account which will not be that great for making profits but it will be fantastic for testing the website. We highly recommend trialling the service just to see if it is for you or not. Once you have seen the potential then sign up for a paid account.

Account Type Free Silver Gold
Price  Free  €50/month  €125/month
Features Bookmakers: Standard Bookmakers: All Bookmakers: All
20 min. SureBet delay 3 min. SureBet delay Instant SureBetting!
Option available:ValueBets Option available:ValueBets Option available:ValueBets
Option available:Access to Accounting Option available:Access to Accounting Option available:Access to Accounting
Option available:Bookmaker customisation Option available:Bookmaker customisation Option available:Bookmaker customisation
Option available:Max return for surebets of 1% Option available:SureBets from exchanges Option available:SureBets from exchanges

Bottom Line

BetOnValue is one of the most popular arbitrage alert services and it is easy to see why. Here at Sports Arbitrage Australia it is the recommended arbing service. For Australians it is perfect as it covers all Australian sports bookmakers. Many beginner arbers will start with BetOnValue but it is also for experienced arbers. At the end of the day you can expect substantial profits for arbitrage trading. The amount of sports and events covered by BetOnValue is large. This is great because you can spread your bets across many different sports which makes it harder for the bookmakers to limit you. In addition, BetOnValue also covers betting exchanges well. Overall it is a great arbitrage alert service, if you are unsure try the free trial to get a feel for what it can do.




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