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Arbitrage software is a  crucial element to the success of your arbitrage journey. In addition to the software providers out there we’ll also cover how we like to set our computers up for trading. Like a lot of our blog posts we’d like to begin with a brief overview of what arbitrage trading is.

“Sports arbitrage is the act of placing bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event so that you guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of that event.”

As always if you are completely new to arbitrage trading please refer to our lessons in how to arbitrage. We provide the lessons free to our readers, in return we ask for you to please sign up through the banners on our site.

Arbitrage Software Providers

By now we hope you have read through our lessons and are ready to get into trading. A few things you will need to do now. These include:

Arbitrage Software

We have covered this topic quite extensively and have plans to continuously be reviewing the alert finding services out there. Our top 3 for Australian traders are Bet On Value, Rebel Betting and Bet Burger. For all there we recommend signing up to the free trials offered and getting a feel for them yourself. Some people will find one much better than the other. Others will find they are all much the same. Most will offer a week trial before you sign up for a monthly subscription. The 2 biggest things to consider for arbitrage software providers are:

  1. the odds are real –Do so by clicking through the bookmakers page and finding the arbitrage opportunity yourself. Double check the odds are the same on the bookmaker as they say in the software. From time to time there may be a difference, this is because there can be a time delay. Do not be alarmed and cancel your subscription, you will find this will happen across all alert service providers.
  2. there any mistakes in the arb – re-check the details that were in the alert service software. Check the games are the same, the odds, the team etc.

By familiarising yourself with the arbitrage opportunities you will begin to understand the world of arbitrage trading more. The free trials of arbitrage software will be a great learning curve for the start of your trading career.


There isn’t one computer that is recommended above another. Here at Sports Arbitrage Australia we run both Mac OS and PC laptops. You don’t want to be using an ancient machine as it’s likely it’ll be a bit sluggish and potentially stop mid trading. That would be disastrous. Work with what you’ve got.

Computer set up

This is  personal choice. At Sports Arbitrage Australia a few of us arbitrage trade with just 1 laptop and a few use a dual screen set up. Do what you are most comfortable with. Those on a laptop or computer with just the one screen will figure out their optimal work flow.We have found that an external mouse is extremely handy (if you are using a laptop).

Dual screens are definitely going to be easier as you won’t need to flick between browsers. Set up your alert service and primary bookmaker on one screen and the other bookmaker on the other. That way you can easily slide between the two and watch the odds live. Sometimes opportunities don’t last long so speed the speed at which you can execute trades will lead to more profits in the long run. But again dual screens aren’t going to work for everyone, especially if you are moving around or have limited space etc. Do what works for you.

Bottom Line

Overall we recommend trialling all arbitrage software options. For Australian traders are top 3 alert finding software providers are Bet On Value, Rebel Betting and Bet Burger. But again, we highly recommend trialling them all and finding which one works best for you. As for computer set ups, if you can try the dual screen and an external mouse.

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