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For anyone starting their arbitrage journey it will pay to research all arbitrage betting software providers. An arbitrage finding alert service is a software or website the searches through sport bookmaker odds 24/7. From this data they identify arbitrage opportunities which you can make a profit from. In this post we will briefly cover the top 3 alert services out there and what to look for. For a comprehensive overview, refer to lesson ARB210: Subscribing to and trialling an arbing service. For any complete newbies to the world of arbitrage trading please refer to all our lessons in how to arbitrage. 

There are quite a large number of arbitrage alert services in the global market. We recommend trialling the software before committing to the monthly subscription. While there are many alert services out there we believe there are three that adequately cover Australian bookmakers. The three contenders in no particular order are Bet on Value, Rebel Betting and Bet Burger. For a comprehensive Rebel Betting review please follow the link.

Trialling an Arbitrage Betting Software Service

During your free trial it is beneficial to evaluate more than the service itself. Consider which alert service finds the most arbs and then examine the opportunities further. It will pay to regularly check if:

  1. the odds are real – Go onto the bookmaker websites and find the odds for yourself, double checking it is actually there. With free alert services a time delay can be applied. Don’t be alarmed if the bookmaker odds have changed. Try to notice how often they are correct. Secondly,
  2. are there mistakes in the arb – be sure to check the arb opportunity does exists. The bookmkaers match up exactly with the bet type, team, league etc.

In addition, most alert services will have a built-in calculator. There are many to be found online so it’s a good idea to compare the accuracy of the built in one with other calculators out there.

As you will soon discover, trialling arbitrage software is step one in the paper-trading phase of your arbitrage journey. Just by watching the arbitrage opportunities present themselves and following through to the bookmakers will be a great learning process. This will provide a great head start to when you are comfortable to start trading with money.

Sports Arbitrage Australia Preferred alert service

Here at Sports Arbitrage Australia we recommend using Bet On Value. Why? We believe it has the best coverage of Australian bookmakers. Many arbers will start their journey with BetOnValue but many experienced arbers will still use their services. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader you will make substantial profits through the use of this alert service.

Another key factor with BetOnValue is that they cover a large number of sports and leagues. This means your bets will constantly vary making it harder for soft bookmakers to limit you. Bet on Value also has exceptional coverage of betting exchanges. They allow you to input the exchange commission rate allowing you to calculate arbitrage opportunities more accurately.


Overall there are plenty of arbitrage betting software alert services to choose from. For Australian traders we recommend choosing between Bet on Value, Rebel Betting or Bet Burger. However, we highly recommend taking advantage of the free trials available and making the decision yourself.

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